For as long as I can remember I’ve loved experimenting with body oils and creating my own scent mix. I’m fascinated by blending complex layers and creating aromas that somehow come alive, and oh…the dry down is what I live for! Scent moves my soul. I trust my provocative scent ability to tap into mindful experiences that translate naturally into a powerful scent creation; the process is sacred and mystical to me. In some uncanny way, I feel scent connects us and enhances how we encounter and experience one another.
After moving through a dramatic health experience I decided to challenge my physical limitations to explore other ways to express myself creatively. With a natural gift of scent, I tapped into my scent passion to share with others in a very intimate way. My aromas, created in small-batch blends are a reflection of how I honestly experience life- creatively, complex yet simple, pure, and unequivocally unique. I use superior imported oils, alcohol-free uncut oils, and superior essential oils to create artisan blends. I'm proud of my vision and what has manifested so far as a result of my love for artistic scent blending. As a Clairalience, artisan and mindful person is what pushes me to expand and explore more of what I love through smell. Each scent I create has a story in an authentic and purposeful way. Amazing!
As I continue to evolve and unfold, so will my work. I'm determined to design and develop products that intersect and parallel with life and connect us by experiences in a pure and authentic way. I created Gem Scents Aromatics in honor of how beautiful my life is, and an appreciation of moments and fond memories that lead to now and unfold languishingly through an amazing scent experience.

Life is good!

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