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At Gem Scents Aromatics we're intentional about every piece and part of the process; even the smallest of details count, that quality product is the premise created with of love and self-care, that the scent experience inextricably linked in a therapeutic way, and that scent truly does have the power to move the soul than we currently understand.

We strive to make each experience count. We also believe in purchasing quality products that lend back to certain communities and economic vitality that are better, which is why we both make and curate incredible products, across beauty, bath, body, and ritualistic self-care.

Our mission

At Gem Scents Aromatics, our mission is to create a holistic and immersive self-care experience that celebrates the harmony between body, mind, and nature through the power of scent. We aspire to be the go-to brand for individuals seeking high-quality, natural bath and body care products that nurture their well-being and create a beautiful scent experience.

Our Guiding Principles:

1. Natural Harmony: We believe in the inherent connection between humans and the natural world. Our products are crafted with the finest natural ingredients, carefully selected to enhance your well-being and connect you with the beauty of nature.

2. Well-Being First: Your well-being is our top priority. We are committed to developing products that promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and self-care. Our creations are designed to help you unwind, destress, and find moments of tranquility in your daily life.

3. Scent Sensation: We understand the profound impact scent has on our emotions and memories. Our goal is to craft captivating and unique fragrances that transport you to different realms, evoke positive emotions, and enhance your overall sensory experience.

4. Quality Assurance: We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of quality and purity. 

5. Sustainability Commitment: We recognize our responsibility to protect the environment. We are committed to sustainable practices and aim to leave a positive impact on the planet.

6. Customer-Centric: Your satisfaction and well-being are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to provide exceptional customer service, tailored to your needs. Your feedback shapes our product offerings.

7. Education and Empowerment: We believe that knowledge empowers. We are committed to educating our customers about the benefits of aromatherapy and the use of natural scents to enhance their lives. We want to inspire a deeper connection to self-care.

In pursuing our mission, we hope to inspire a world where self-care is not just a luxury but an essential part of a balanced and harmonious life. Gem Scents Aromatics invites you to embark on a sensory journey with us, as we celebrate the profound connection between body, mind, and nature through the power of scent.

What we do

Aromatic “fragrance” oils or other similar cosmetics on the beauty spectrum can be ambiguous and function as a catch-all when it comes to listing all oils used to create an aroma.

At Gem Scents Aromatics, we create scents from high quality imported oils and superior alcohol-free uncut oils from around the globe from trusted sources, and the best essential oils from the natural world, to create an intentional, fresh and clean scent experience. Creating a natural aroma that’s not overpowering and compliments one’s own body chemistry is what we strive for.

Scent has the power to move the soul, to heal, to create a moment or memory as a lasting impression. Using aromas as therapy is cathartic on a mystical and primal level we instinctually are drawn to certain aromas through aromatherapy, self-care, mysticism, and incorporating into intentional practice. Our customers appreciate integrity, quality, and products that are safer for the body and the environment.

Our clients

We cater to independent, courageous, open-minded, and service-centric customers who appreciate individuality and like what we do. These customers give honest feedback and we often test the waters so that we can stay on-trend and remain conscientious.

We will never create something we don't love because we value your time and think worthy of your money well spent. We value your trust as a customer above all things.


meet Spirit

From my earliest memories, I've been mesmerized by the art of crafting body oils and concocting scents that transcend the ordinary. The alchemy of blending intricate layers, coaxing fragrant harmonies to life, and reveling in the exquisite journey of the dry down has always held me captive. Scent, in all its forms, moves my soul profoundly. I've come to trust my innate gift—an ability that allows me to tap into conscious experiences and weave them seamlessly into potent scent creations. For me, this process is nothing short of sacred and mystical.

My fascination with scent isn't just a personal indulgence; it's a profound belief that fragrance possesses the power to forge uncanny connections between us all. It's a catalyst that heightens our encounters and experiences, making them more meaningful and intimate.

My journey as a founder and creator took a pivotal turn after a profound health ordeal forced me to reevaluate my life's course. In the face of physical limitations, I discovered a new way to express my creativity—one that involved sharing my deep-seated passion for scent with others in an extraordinarily personal manner. I embarked on the creation of artisanal aromas, embracing the ethos of small-batch craftsmanship to uphold the utmost integrity in my work. Each blend is a testament to my commitment to complexity in simplicity, telling a story through scent and an unwavering dedication to crafting unequivocally unique fragrances. My secret? The use of superior imported oils, alcohol-free uncut oils, and the finest essential oils, all meticulously woven into each bottle.

My mission is to design and develop products that not only intersect with life but also run parallel to it, enriching our experiences in the most genuine and authentic ways possible. With Gem Scents Aromatics, I've set out to pay homage to the sheer beauty of life itself—a celebration of the moments and cherished memories that have led us to this very instant. My natural products offer an opportunity to savor each moment through a tapestry of scents and self-care experiences that encapsulate the essence of now.

Spirit Corley, Founder & Creator

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