There are scents. Then there are Gem Scents Aromatics. Creating a new scent is a meditative experience; each new note and layer organically intertwines with the next to create a powerful connection and chord. From the love and power of intention that goes in to every bottle, to the premium ingredients from all over the world, to each scent's compelling story, Gem Scents Aromatics is an experience that moves the soul.



In 2012, I had a health scare that led me down the path of more intentional wellness and wholeness. Gem Scents Aromatics are all natural, and use essential oils that have medicinal and aromatherapy properties - because it's who I am. I'm committed to wholistic, organic living and our scents reflect that. Gem scents Aromatics blend with your body's chemistry. Our oils have greater depth and character than you'll find in stores, and they are powerful and last long. All of our products are safe for the environment - alcohol-free, and paraben-free.



Gem Scents Aromatics are imported & domestic hand-crafted Body Oils. Our Body Oils are highly concentrated, that is, they are strong and last a long time on your skin. Our clients have found their way to us after getting tired of buying watered down versions of scents and herbs. Don't let the 1 oz. bottle fool you, just a few drops go a long way.

In Demand Fave!

Popular Collection

COCOS SOL is Gem Scents Aromatics exotic aroma infused with subtle floral of ylang-ylang, tangy citrus essential oils of bergamot and zesty lemon. Inspired and created from an image of a black sand beach that's evident from the wafting scent of tonka bean with a gentle scent of black coconut wafting through the air.

The Scent Experience

More than Oil

Gem Scents Aromatics oils are not just aromatic oils. They are an experience. Wear them when you want to transform into your highest self. Wear them when you want to walk in to a room and turn heads. Wear them when you want the scent that compliments your greatness from crown to toe.