GSA X Chubby Curls Capsule Collection

GSA X Chubby Curls Capsule Collection


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Indulge in a relaxing Hot Girl Summer vibe limited edition Capsule Collection

Being a hot girl who honors herself and smells delicious is a must! Give yourself the gift of a bathroom spa-time getaway that’s pampering and rejuvenating! This hair and body collection provides several premier natural products that will help you unwind and relax or get that hair all the way together on wash day. Pamper yourself with this limited-edition capsule collection of GSA X Chubby Curls “must-have” all-natural products and enjoy some “me” time. 

*No paraben or sulfates used


Product Description

This HOT Capsule Collection Summer Self-care Box features:
  • 10 oz GSA Foaming Salt Scrub in COCOS SOL w/sponge & spatula
  • 2.2 oz GSA Wicks Personal Hand-Poured Vegan Soy Candle w/custom curated scent
  • 4 oz GSA Moisture Mist or Dry Spray in COCOS SOL
  • 1/3 oz GSA Travel size roll-on in COCOS SOL
  • 4 oz African Black Soap Body Cleanser in COCOS SOL
  • 4 oz Chubby Curls Moisturizing Styling Cream
  • 4 oz Chubby Curls Leave-in condition
  • 2.2 Vegan Foot Sole lotion balm stick

Items come perfectly boxed for yourself or as a gift.


Please note: be careful and keep out of reach of children. This product contains oil. Take care as you use in the shower or bath as the oil can be slippery.

Additional Information

Dimensions 100 × 60 × 30 in

Cocos Sol, Rejoice, Signature, Spa-ish, SPA•ISH, Urban Jewel


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