Natural Body Soufflè infused with Authentic Egyptian Musk (9 oz)

Natural Body Soufflè infused with Authentic Egyptian Musk (9 oz)


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Incredibly rich and deeply moisturizing Natural and Vegan Body Soufflè for all skin types are nourishing even the driest of hair & skin. A base of rich aloe vera and soothing shea butter and coconut oil is pure hydration. The best thing is, it’s not greasy! This rich and creamy body butter is infused with the scent of sweet aromatic Original Formula Egyptian Musk a wonderfully light musk fragrance.

Product Description

This is a vegan-friendly body soufflè is ultra-rich with organic shea butter, hemp oil, coconut oil, organic aloe, AND infused with Orginal and Authentic Egyptian Musk created for the thirstiest of skin and hair...yes, it can be used on natural hair too! This body soufflè is perfect for hair & skin with its moisturizing, rich, and creamy finish. The shea and coconut kinds of butter deeply penetrates and softens with nutrient-rich hemp oil and added hydration from aloe, then lightly scented with a fresh bright scent of musk.


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