Rejoice Natural Aromatic Body Oil (Concentrated)

Rejoice Natural Aromatic Body Oil (Concentrated)


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Hand-created in honor of finding my “birth mother,” this scent is reminiscent of cool air, sunrise, finding family and new experiences in life- this mystical aroma channels the energy of joy and new beginnings.

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A lush and exquisite bouquet of pure bliss in a bottle. Fresh and intoxicating! A beautiful chord of aromatics this mystical scent has a beautiful story. Multi-Use body oil can be used as a "hair scent," on body, bath, and more! This concentrated absolute oil is beautifully infused with exotic Moroccan rose oil, rosewood essential oil, benzoin resin, imported palmarosa oil, Himalayan cedarwood oil, imported amber oil, and musk.

  • Add a few drops to your pulse points and/or nape of the neck
  • Put a few drops in hair/scalp for a refreshed hair scent
  • Great to add to your bath and more...always use with care!

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