Rise! Natural Aromatic Body Oil (Concentrated)

Rise! Natural Aromatic Body Oil (Concentrated)


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My newest scent expression is a reflection of the time we're in right now from COVID-19 to current events including dismantling of police brutality, racism, and the protest for Black Lives Matter. I wanted to create an aroma that is reminiscent of the world around me, the changes that are occurring, and the shift happening that's so incredibly powerful. It beckons me to wake-up and Rise! To share my voice. To lean in. To be free. Open. So much opportunity and fresh thoughts and ideas, creativity abounding, and limitless possibilities. A new beginning! This aroma reminds me to surrender to all that is intended for me and to continue to create a new vision for myself. I Rise!

This naturally fresh floral aromatic is a multi-use body oil that's highly concentrated; can be used as a "hair scent," on body, bath and more- This absolute oil is beautifully infused with rose absolute, imported Damascus rose, beautiful freesia floral and warm succulent notes of rich saffron, cedarwood, and white musk.

  • Add a few drops to your pulse points and/or nape of the neck
  • Put a few drops in hair/scalp for a refreshed hair scent
  • Great to add to your bath and more...always use with care!

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