QUEEN Natural Aromatic Body Oil (Concentrated)


Our latest scent creation, QUEEN in honor of all women. Those who stand out for the right reasons and smell fantastic doing it. This aroma is infused with beautiful florals, oakmoss and warm notes that anchor into a caramel essence that makes you feel good as the scent dries down to reveal such calming yet sweet decadence enveloped by depth.


My newest scent expression is a creative expression that honors all women and those who identify as such- I wanted to create an aroma reminiscent of the world around me and the women in it—those who share a collective voice and the women who lean in and show up.

This natural fragranced aroma is a sweet and sensual aromatic body oil that’s highly concentrated.

  • Citrus notes such as bergamot and pink pepper
  • Beautiful floral notes of jasmine and rose
  • Luscious oakmoss, vanilla, and sugar
  • And it was anchored with rich amber and musk bottom notes.
  • Add a few drops to your pulse points or nape of the neck
  • Put a few drops in hair/scalp for a refreshed hair scent
  • Always use with care!

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Bottle Size

1 oz


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