Skin Spritz + Wise Skin Face Oil + Gau Sha Starter Stone Travel Kit


Skin Spritz + Wise Skin face oil is the perfect self-care gift for the face and body. Each Gua Sha massage stone comes in a velvet pouch packed in a gift box. This face and body gua sha tool kit is the best gift for anti-aging skin care treatment for yourself, your mother, your besties, and your friends. It makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a gua sha massage. Let’s take radical body care to new heights.

Use the face oil and gua sha tool to massage your face gently with the stone; it will help better absorb all nutrients and smooth your face. You can also apply the face oil emollient serum alone for daily use. Skin Spritz with rose & rice water is great for the skin and scalp!

*The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated this statement. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Skin Spritz Rose Water x Rice Water toner mist 2 oz great for skin and scalp + Wise Skin face oil 1oz concentrated emollient oil serum + Gua Sha Travel Kit: This Gua Sha skincare set contains: Starter stone rose quartz, quartz crystal, or gua sha jade stone (depending on availability). We are not responsible if your Gua Sha stone breaks as they are designed and manufactured by a third party. Please use care and caution when handling the stones, as they are fragile.

Face oil contains Cold-pressed babassu oil, organic rosehip oil, tamanu oil, maracuja oil, raspberry oil, rose essential oil, black seed oil, and thyme essential oil, organic avocado oil as a carrier oil.

Gua Sha is a traditional Chinese Concept of keeping young and healthy in a simple and money-saving way. Gua Sha massage is very good at improving blood circulation, Dredging lymph and meridian, and reducing puffiness and pain, thus firming your skin and helping with the body’s immune system.

*To prevent an allergic reaction, don’t use products containing these ingredients if you have a known rice allergy. Like other beauty products, use a small amount at first to test your reaction. Increase how much you use gradually depending on the results. Stop using the product if you notice side effects like itching, redness, worsened irritation, or increased dryness. These may indicate that you’re not responding well due to an allergy. Please use it with care!


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