I remember back in the day vendors on the boulevard selling their oils and incense and the way the aromas teased the heady urban air with a thick potency. If I were strolling the streets of New York or Los Angeles I would always stop and smell these amazing oils while striking up a conversation with vendors. I was always instantly taken away and elevated by the intoxicating aromas! I loved China Rain, African Musk, and of course the husky musky scent of Egyptian Musk. The rich aromas just moved my soul and as a young woman trying to uniquely define herself in whichever city she was in, it helped to anchor me. You couldn’t tell me anything back then because I’d blend those oils with other uncut oils and essential oils like patchouli and I’d smell better than the over the counter fragrances in the best department stores. I knew even back then, I had the “gift of scent.”

My Signature, natural body oil is my premier aroma because it’s actually one of the first aromas I created back then and perfected over time. It uniquely reflects my free spirit, individuality, and appeal. The notes are so sexy and subtle, and fresh and clean like I like it. The top florals notes are so beautifully wrapped with Moroccan rose and jasmine that build into tangy citrus, and warm bottom notes of amber, vanilla, wood, and musk. Signature, was my #1 Best Seller for several years and has a loyal fan base of customers that wear nothing else. Even I’m surprised when I blend bottles of it and am instantly reminded of how beautiful the aroma really is- Instantly, I’m taken right back to a carefree time of life that has impacted me and my life to a degree.

Did you know, scent is the most powerful of all our senses? The power of scent is indescribable and when we choose a scent that speaks to us we usually are pretty committed to the scent for a while. Gem Scents Aromatics are Made With Powerful Intention-they represent a lifestyle and natural care-free ease. Choose your signature scent even by layering aromas that blend with your body’s own chemistry. That’s the great caveat of wearing natural body oils is that they really do compliment your body’s own chemistry. I hope my brand is able to connect to the heart of my users on an emotional level to create a memorable scent experience that’s attractive and expands the uniqueness of my scents.

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