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She walks into the room with a commanding presence as he instantly catches the scent of her and takes her in. He gets close and asks “what are you wearing you smell amazing?” She responds, "Gem Scents Aromatics, natural body oil it’s my signature scent." Every woman wants to feel this irresistible and have a scent that gets them going. What an amazing fantasy!

For a woman (or man), our fragrance selections are a key piece of our fashion sense and lure; a last-minute dab on the neck and pulse points to finish a look before dashing out the door says, “I’m ready, I look fierce and smell amazing you're gonna notice me!” Our choice of scent and how we shop for them are just as important as the clothes and shoes we buy. Simply put, some of us live for that amazing natural scent experience that leaves a lasting impression and memory of us especially if someone significant and special takes notice...hello?!

It's fascinating how scents dry down differently on each of us. Aromas like Gem Scents Aromatics has a way of complimenting our body's chemistry while seizing time because a woman feels beautiful wearing it and is reminded how scent has the power to make one feel unforgettable and irresistible. We all love smelling good and when we find “that scent” that speaks volumes it gives us that extra confidence to rock the scent and feel sexy doing it. I like to think that scents are an aromatic reminder of our strongest of senses and our inner beauty even after we’ve left the room, we’re still remembered. That irresistible scent of a woman.

Simply Irresistible!