Hi, I'm Spirit, I’m the owner and creator of Gem Scents Aromatics a beautiful line of pure aromatic body oil products made from high-quality essential oils, exotic imported oils, and superior uncut oils from around the globe! These intoxicating aromatic body oils are the perfect perfume alternative! They’re potent, long-lasting, and pure- and can be used from crown to toe. Each scent has a story and unfolds in a way to connect the scent to the wearer. My motivation is to create aromas that anchor the wearer or remind them of a sentimental moment.  Aromas are therapeutic and they inspire me to explore the depth of how scents truly impact us. In July 2012, my health imploded; and it forced me to take a hard look at my life. I learned that I could take a personal passion and change my life gradually—small changes that have made me really key in on myself as a true creative that’s where Gem Scents Aromatics comes from, Made With Powerful Intention.

My Intention
To create superior, pure, and natural aromatic body oil products that are gentle to the body and the environment, and make people feel good when they experience the scents.

My Vision
To be purposeful and passionate about providing the highest quality bath and body oil products that are beautiful, sentimental, and truly an intoxicating scent experience. The scents are so powerful that I want each of my aromas to truly move the soul and create an immense sense of individuality for the wearer!

For years I struggled with finding the perfect scent. Perfumes would smell great in the store but oftentimes different on me. Or they were just way too expensive so I decided to create my own starting with my Signature scent using body oils instead.

Did you know…that scent is one of our strongest senses that’s linked to memory and emotion? It’s also one of our most sensitive of senses…no wonder, smelling a beautiful fragrance can actually lighten our mood.

My Promise
To create natural products that can be trusted, safe, and of the highest quality. To create a scent experience that’s unforgettable. Most importantly to use ethical practices that are aligned with my brand and passion to develop bath & body oil products my customers can appreciate and trust.

I really want my users to have an incredible scent experience with Gem Scents Aromatics- Each scent is uniquely designed from an array of beautiful notes to create a full-body aromatic fresh and clean chord that’s meant to move the soul.