Product Information

Natural, Clean, and Fresh Scents

Aromatic “fragrance” oils or other similar cosmetics on the beauty spectrum can be ambiguous and function as a catch-all when it comes to listing all oils used to create an aroma.  At Gem Scents Aromatics, we create scents from high quality imported oils and superior alcohol-free uncut oils from around the globe from trusted sources, and the best essential oils from the natural world, to create an intentional, fresh and clean scent experience. Creating a natural aroma that’s not overpowering and compliments one’s own body chemistry is what we strive for. Scent has the power to move the soul, to heal, to create a moment or memory as a lasting impression. Using aromas as therapy is cathartic on a mystical and primal level we instinctually are drawn to certain aromas through aromatherapy, self-care, mysticism, and incorporating into intentional practice.

Scent is the most powerful of senses and we respond tas such to the aromas around instinctually and on a deep subconscious level. When I began creating scents it was because of a pronounced gift of scent and Clairalience capabilities to tap into the soul of a scent to create a fine fragrance using natural ingredients, that makes each aroma come alive. It’s spiritual, mystical, and each made with powerful intention. Natural to us means that we only sell products that are good for the environment and doesn't create skin irritation. We do not use parabens, phthalates, no BHT, and BHA. We examine what ingredients we can we would use. We do not use oils or carrier oils that come from nuts or alcohol.